Corvid-19 Recordings in language

Please share the recordings below in language with people who may need more explanation about what is going on. It is always better to hear this information in your own language. 

Latest Official NT News on the Facebook page called secureNT

Latest News – CORVID-19

Alice Springs Office Closure

Important notice about CORVID19

Waltja will be closing our Alice springs office but we will still be working.
Contact us:
Youth Team Leader: LINDA 0458 541 172
Youth Mental Health: DAVE 0491 832 040
Youth Mental Health: FLOYD 0458 541 172

On your Community you can contact our NDIS local workers:
YUELAMU – Kathy Baggot
YUELAMU – Glorine Martin
LARAMBA – Rachael Pultara
ENGAWALA – Susie Williams
ATITJERE – Irene Rieff
PAPUNYA – Isobel Gorey
TI TREE – Francis Ross

or these communities and other places in need of NDIS help, you can contact LINDA or FLOYD

For emergency relief and other Waltja programs or help contact
Contact Sharijn on 08 89534488

Return Home Funds

Waltja has some funds to help people get home to Central Desert communities. We can help with bus tickets, fuel and minor car repairs – this will only be available to help you get home straight away. Come in and talk to us if you need help. We would like to encourage everyone to get home to their country, be healthy and care for each other.

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation

Doing Good Work with Families

Waltja is a community based organisation that works with families from Central Desert indigenous communities to address major issues affecting their communities. Waltja’s work focuses on addressing the many gaps in service delivery for children, youth, elders and people with disabilities in the remote communities of Central Australia.

The Waltja Way

Our board of directors are all indigenous women leaders from remote communities and they steer the organisation’s direction according to a set of indigenous principles they have named ‘The Waltja Way’.

Guest Blogger

Program Updates

Fundraising News


Aurora Intern

Aurora Intern

I spent five weeks interning with Waltja in Nov/Dec 2019 through the Aurora Internship Program....

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Where we work

 Waltja has a base in Alice Springs and works with remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities. We also have an Art Store so please come visit!  Our service area covers:

  • 900,000 square kilometres
  • 13,000 people
  • 9 different languages

Alice Springs Headquarters – 3 Ghan Road, Alice Springs

Community members travel to Alice Springs for a number of reasons including visiting family, shopping, health and financial services. Waltja has a team of dedicated employees who man the home base. Most of our staff travel to remote communities 3-4 days per week to deliver programs.

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